About Montessori Academy


About Montessori Academy

MIssion Statement

The mission of the Montessori Academy of Evansville is to nurture children's inherent strengths and potential.

Through support, guidance, respect for the child, and adherence to the Montessori philosophy of education, we seek to assist children's development of a diverse body of skills and knowledge that will help them to become lifelong learners and thrive in the 21st century.

Others Connected with Montessori

Alexander Graham Bell , directly supported Maria Montessori and helped establish one of the first Montessori classrooms in America

Thomas Edison , noted scientist and inventor, helped found a Montessori school

Erik Erikson , anthropologist/author, had a Montessori teaching certificate

Jean Piaget , noted Swiss psychologist, made his first observations of children in a Montessori school

At Montessori Academy of Evansville, we follow the teaching method developed by Italian Physician, Dr. Maria Montessori.

The Montessori Method consists of many elements working in collaboration including:

  • Multi-age grouping of children in a collaborative, non-competitive environment enables student to learn from one another, gain autonomy, and develop positive self-esteem. In addition, the classroom provides a community-like setting where learning can take place naturally. Younger children learn from older children, while the more experienced children reinforce what they have learned by assisting others. All of our classrooms embrace an age range that allows learning to take place.
  • An environment that encourages learning through active manipulation of materials - the way young children learn best. Through this hands-on exploration, children are given the opportunity to reach their full physical, emotional, social and intellectual potential. The classroom materials are all child-sized and, where possible, self-correcting in nature to foster independence.
  • Each child moves at his or her own pace. Teachers make observations about each child's interests and abilities, allowing the teachers to introduce new materials when a child shows readiness. Our teachers ensure there is a "prepared environment" that enables children to pursue their sensitive periods for learning various concepts.

Montessori fosters the ability to pursue ones interests in great depth and encourages a strong commitment to one's environment and community. Many former students are publicly known for their accomplishments and contributions. Many others are leading successful, fulfilled and happy lives as responsible citizens contributing to their communities around the world.