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Notes Home – Tuesday, May 21, 2019:

Fobs – If this Friday is the last time your child will be attending school at Montessori, please turn in your fobs Friday morning at the front desk.

If your child will be here for the summer program or you have a child who will be here for school in August, you should not turn in your fob.

Parent/Teacher Conferences for Mrs. Theriac, Ms. Sarah, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Lori and Ms. April will be on Thursday, May 23rd.  The sign-up sheets are [...]

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Notes Home – Tuesday, May 13, 2019:

Teacher Appreciation Week–We want to thank all of the parents who were so kind to take the time to bring the staff food last week.  It is truly one of the best days of the year for us—a huge international buffet of food!  We’d love to say the increase in our size are our hearts filled with all the love we received, but the reality is, we really enjoyed all the fabulous food and now weigh more!  Thank you [...]

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Notes Home – Tuesday, May 07, 2019:

Book Fair will begin this Wednesday, May 8th after 2:00 through 5:15 on Friday, May 10th.

Mr. R’s Class – Parent/Teacher Conference form will be posted this Friday morning on the classroom door.  Parent/Teacher conferences will be next Friday, May 17th.

Mr. R’s Class – Don’t forget to fill out and return year-end-trip form.  If you are going, please return the form with the field trip money.  If your child is not going, please mark in the appropriate place and return form.

Parent/Teacher [...]

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Notes Home – Monday, April 29, 2019:

Note from PTO:

Teacher appreciation Week is next week.  We want to take the opportunity to say, “Thank You” to the teachers and staff by providing a breakfast and lunch for them next week.  If you can help by bringing in something for either day, please sign-up at the PTO table this week.  Reminder that no item can contain nuts or peanuts.

Staff breakfast on Tuesday, May 7th.

Staff luncheon on Wednesday, May 8th.  Item must be here by 10:45 or before.

DVD orders [...]

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Notes Home – Thursday 25, 2019:

Due tomorrow, Friday, April 26th….

DVD’s of the play can be ordered through this week at the front desk.  The cost is $20.

Summer Registration – Last day to register is tomorrow, Friday, April 26th.

Don’t Forget…

Costumes –  Please wash and return the “under” costume pieces on Tuesday.  Return them in the zip-loc bag you received Friday night.  The labeled bag helps us keep track and inventory the pieces as they are returned.

Standardized Testing for Mr. R’s class will start next [...]

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Notes Home – Monday, April 22, 2019:

Volunteers – A big thank you to all the parents who were able to help load the truck down at The Victory and those who were able to come back to school and spend another hour unloading!

Costumes –  Please wash and return the “under” costume pieces on Tuesday.  Return them in the zip-loc bag you received Friday night.  The labeled bag helps us keep track and inventory the pieces as they are returned.

DVD’s of the play can be ordered through [...]

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Notes Home  – Monday, April 08, 2019:

AM/PM Care Families – We are not always able to come to the doors to open them right away in the mornings/afternoons.  Please remember to bring your fobs.

Meet and Greet Coffee will be this Wednesday at 8:30 to 9:30 in the East Room!  Stop by for a few minutes or the whole hour!  Everyone welcome!!

Mr. R’s Class has a field trip to The Victory this Friday to see a ballet production of Alice In Wonderland.  Please have them wear their [...]

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Notes Home  – Monday, April 1, 2019:

Sibling Enrollment for Next School Year – We are almost for full next school year, if you have a sibling you would like to enroll, please email me for the paperwork or stop by the office to pick it up.

Ads for Play Program – If you are able to help underwrite the play by placing an ad, please let us know by next Monday, April 8th.

$75 for black and white ½ page ad (5 ½ x 4 ¼)

$125 [...]

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Notes Home  – Monday, March 18, 2019:

Spring Cleanup Day was a success this past Saturday!  Thank you:  Adam, Brian/Liam, Kerry, Kam, Zeljko, Glen, Micha/Silas and Christina.  We couldn’t have done it without your help!!

HELP—We are having a problem with coats, jackets, etc. not having names in them and several jackets are identical or very, very similar.  PLEASE put initials or names in your child’s coat.  It’s the only way we have of getting them back to the right owner. 

If your child owns a navy blue coat [...]

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Notes Home  – Thursday, March 14, 2019:

Spring Cleanup Day will be this Saturday, March 16th.  Volunteers needed from 8:00 to 11:00 to help out.  If you can help the whole time or just an hour, please sign-up in the dining room under the PTO bulletin board or email back on this email and we’ll sign you up.

Please bring: brooms, rakes, leaf blowers, etc.

Sugar Bush Social:  For those families who were here last year, you may remember the elementary class hosted the Sugar Bush Social.  [...]

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