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Montessori Plan March 13, 2020

Dear Parents:

You have been asking what our plans are and because this is a situation that is changing hourly, it’s totally possible that what we say today will change by Monday or at any given time in the upcoming weeks.

We have been keeping in mind:

1…that many in our school have single and two parents working outside the home.

2…the number of students and staff we have who have “underlying conditions” themselves or in their immediate household.

3…the governor’s mandate recommends daycares/preschools use social distancing—this would be a very challenging mandate to follow with a classroom full of three through six year olds.

4…by the time you have symptoms, a person has been contagious from one to 27 days with the average being 14 days.  That’s a lot of cross contamination going on.

5.…the idea is to have people stay home to mitigate the spike in the cases of the virus.

Based on all of the above, we will be taking this a week at a time. Spring Break week, (March 23-27) we will be totally closed.  Based on where the community is at the end of that week, we will determine if we will be closed past that time. While we are closed we will be totally disinfecting the building.

Several things would warrant being closed past spring break week. If a local public health emergency is declared or if we are made aware of a student or immediate family member tested positive with the virus.

Again, this is an ever-evolving situation and we are going to do our best to provide services while keeping our students and staff safe.


Diane and Kristi