Notes Home Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Notes Home –

Text Alert System – If you did not receive the text alert on the evening of Monday, November 11th, announcing Montessori will not have school on Tuesday, please reply on this email, so we can send you the directions to sign-up for the text alert system.

This Week: 

Reminder –On snow days, if your child is not attending, you need to change the lunch option, so you are not charged for a hot lunch.  On regular school days, if your child is absent or being picked up before lunch; remember to mark “no lunch” in the EZ Lunch App, so you are not charged for a lunch.

You are not charged for making lunch choice changes.  You are only charged when you deposit money into your child’s account.

Gift Cards – A gift card order form went home in your child’s bag last week.  Extra copies can be found on the front desk counter.  If you order gift cards through our program, Montessori receives a percentage back as indicated on the form.

The form with payment (made out to Montessori PTO) needs to be returned by Thursday, November 14th Gift cards will be ready for pickup at the front between Wednesday November 20th and Friday, November 22nd.  Back in time for Black Friday shopping!

Parent/Teacher conference Sheets for all of the preprimary classes (Mrs. Theriac, Ms. Sarah, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Lori and Ms. April) will be posted this Friday, November 8 in the dining room.

  • (Mrs. Theriac, Ms. Sarah, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Lori and Ms. April) parent/teacher conferenceswill be on Friday, November 15th.  Sign up in the dining room.  

No School for preprimary classes (Mrs. Theriac, Ms. Sarah, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Lori and Ms. April) on Friday, November 15th.  If you have AM and/or PM care in your child’s program, they may attend their regular hours for daycare activities.

  • Children with AM or PM care in their program may attend their regular hours (AM or AM w/half day: 7:00-11:45/2:45, PM: 8:30-5:30 or All Day: 7:00-5:30) for day care activities.
  • Children who attend 8:30-2:45 will not come to school
  • There will be no car line at 11:45/2:45.  You will come in to the school to pick up your child on Day Care Days.

Fall Clean-Up Day is on Saturday, November 16th from 8:00 to 11:00 – If you can help out for an hour or two, please sign-up at the PTO table in the dining room.  We’ll try and finish weeding, raking/blowing leaves, sweeping rocks, trimming branches, etc.  Bring any tools/gloves you think appropriate:  leaf blowers, rakes, trowels, etc.  We’ll provide the coffee and donuts, if you provide the energy!

Next Week: 

PTO Meeting on Wednesday, November 20th –

  • Transition to Traditional School
  • (A panel of past parents talk about their families transition experience.)
  • Why Montessori Kindergarten or What You Want to Know About Montessori Elementary Class.

The meeting consists of three parts. Come for some or all!

Part I – 5:30-6:05 – Pizza will be served.  Sign up for pizza and/or babysitting will be at the PTO table in the dining room.

Part II – 6:10-6:50 – Transition to Traditional School.

A panel of past families talk about their transition and what they want you to know.

Part III – 6:55-7:30- Why Montessori Kindergarten or What you want to know about the Montessori Elementary Class.  You would attend one or the other.  

End of the month: 

Thanksgiving Break will be from Wednesday, Nov. 27th through Friday, Nov 29th.

  • Families with AM and/or PM care in their program may attend their regular hours on Wednesday, November 27th for daycare activities.
  • The building will not be open for school or daycare Thurs., Nov. 28th or Fri. Nov. 29th.


Closings – Montessori Academy will send out a text alert.  If you have AM/PM care in your child’s program, you may bring them for a Day Care Day.

Early Closings – We are not bus dependent and as a rule we do not close early. Parents, of course, should determine their own level of comfort when driving and may pick up early if the need arises.  The exception for closing early would be if very extreme/dangerous weather or road conditions developed.  If this should occur we will contact each family by text alert.

Delays – We are not bus dependent and do not have delays.  School will start at the regular time regardless of what time other schools start their day.

Snow Make up Days – We do not have snow make up days.

Building Closure – If a state-of-emergency is declared in Vanderburgh and/or Warrick County Montessori will be closed and will not have school or daycare.


Families without AM care should arrive between 8:25 and 8:30.  Part of the children’s day is lining up with the class and coming into the building together.

  • Take your child to the playground for drop off, weather permitting.
  • Please do not wait in the classroom/hallway to drop your child off. 

Remember to mark the Lunch App – Now that we are in the 5th week of school, we will not be contacting parents when a child is supposed to be a hot luncher.  Once we realize they are not absent, it will default to a cheese sandwich with the regular side items.  You can mark lunches a month at a time and the next month is available from the 15th of the current month.

Lunchbox families please remember to mark “lunchbox” in the app.  Anytime a child is not marked, it takes 30-45 minutes to figure out the child is not absent, and here with a lunchbox, and make the changes to the printout from the App for the classroom, kitchen and office copy.