Notes Home – Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Morning Drop Off – School Day Program (w/o AM care) 8:30 arrival 

–      Take your child to the playground for drop off, weather permitting.

–      Please do not wait in the classroom/hallway to drop your child off.

–      It is important for your child to start their day with their class entering the building from the playground walking with their class/teacher.

Mr. R’s Class 3:00 Pick up – If you are picking up at 3:00, to help expedite 2:45 pickup, we ask that you choose one of the following options:

–  you arrive at 3:00 or wait in the medical building parking lot until we’re about

   finished with 2:45’ers.

–      If you are picking up a 2:45’er and someone in Mr. R’s class, you are welcome to pick up both at 3:00.

–      If you want to pick up your 2:45’er at 2:45 and wait in line to pick up your 3:00’er, please pull back around for the 3:00 pick up.

Things coming up:

 Monday, September 2nd – No School or daycare.

Tuesday, September 3rd – Mum sales order form will go home.  Delivery mid-Sept.

Thursday, September 5th – PTO Meeting – Welcome to your child’s class!

–      5:30 Babysitting for Montessori Children and siblings

(Sign-up in dining room on PTO table.  The number of children under three years old is limited to 3 total.)

–      Pizza will be served to the children.

–      5:45 – 6:30 Meeting: Welcome by PTO and then meet w/your child’s teacher.

Friday, September 20th – Meet and Greet Coffee 8:30-9:30 Everyone Welcome!