Notes Home – Tuesday, May 13, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week–We want to thank all of the parents who were so kind to take the time to bring the staff food last week.  It is truly one of the best days of the year for us—a huge international buffet of food!  We’d love to say the increase in our size are our hearts filled with all the love we received, but the reality is, we really enjoyed all the fabulous food and now weigh more!  Thank you everyone!!

Play DVD’s are now ready for pickup at the front desk.  If you did not prepay, they are $20 each.

Mr. R’s Class – Parent/Teacher Conference sign-up sheet is posted on the classroom door.  Parent/Teacher conferences will be this Friday, May 17th.

Parent/Teacher Conferences for Mrs. Theriac, Ms. Sarah, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Lori and Ms. April will be on Thursday, May 23rd.  The sign-up sheets will be posted in the dining room this Thursday, May 16th.

Field Trip on the last day of school for Mrs. Theriac, Ms. Sarah, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Lori and Ms. April. Their classes needed to be in the building between 8:00 and 8:15 wearing their Montessori t-shirts wearing closed-back shoes.

Last Day of School Dismissal – Preprimary Classes will dismiss at 11:45 and Mr. R’s class will dismiss at 12:15.  If you have PM care in your program or the All Day program (7:00 – 5:30), daycare/lunch will start at 11:45.

Lost and Found – Please check the Lost and Found.  It’s overflowing with jackets.  Also, we are missing a girl’s small jean jacket.  If this has accidently ended up at your house, please drop it off at the office.

Don’t Forget…

Montessori will be totally closed no school or daycare Memorial Day week. May 27th – May 31st.

Summer Program starts on Monday, June 3rd.