Notes Home  – Monday, April 08, 2019

AM/PM Care Families – We are not always able to come to the doors to open them right away in the mornings/afternoons.  Please remember to bring your fobs.

Meet and Greet Coffee will be this Wednesday at 8:30 to 9:30 in the East Room!  Stop by for a few minutes or the whole hour!  Everyone welcome!!

Mr. R’s Class has a field trip to The Victory this Friday to see a ballet production of Alice In Wonderland.  Please have them wear their Montessori t-shirts

Summer School Registration is attached —

Calendar Reminders: 

Thursday, April 18 – Dress Rehearsal

Friday, April 19 – School Play at The Victory Theatre

Monday, April 22 – School Closed, daycare only.

Wednesday, April 24 – Tuesday, April 30 – Kindergarten standardized testing.  Please reschedule any appointments taking place in the morning during this time period.

Tuesday, April 30 – Tuesday, May 14 – First through third grade standardized testing.

Friday, May 24th – Last day of the school year.

Preprimary Dismissal will be at 11:45 for students normally picked up at 11:45 and 2:45/3:00.

Mr. R’s class dismisses at 12:15. 

If your program includes All Day, and/or PM care we will have daycare through 5:30.

Memorial Day Week:  Montessori will totally closed.