Notes Home  – Monday, April 1, 2019

Sibling Enrollment for Next School Year – We are almost for full next school year, if you have a sibling you would like to enroll, please email me for the paperwork or stop by the office to pick it up.

Ads for Play Program – If you are able to help underwrite the play by placing an ad, please let us know by next Monday, April 8th.

$75 for black and white ½ page ad (5 ½ x 4 ¼)

$125 for black and white full page ad (5 ½ x 8 ½)

$150 for color full page ad on inside front coved, back inside cover, back outside cover or

  center page of program.

If you would like do a personal message to your child in the play program, it’s $3 for 100 characters.  You can:  Drop the written out message and payment in the black basket on the front desk.  Or, email the message back on this email and put the payment in the black basket.  Due by next Monday, April 8th!

School Play Pictures Order Forms went home in your child’s bag before spring break.  Please return by tomorrow, Wednesday, April 3rd .  We provide all of the costumes and will help them change into their costume.

The only groups that need to do something special are:  If your child is a cowboy (Mrs. Theriac’s boys), they should were jeans or a Damsel (Ms. Sarah’s girls) their hair works best if it is up in a bun.

Wednesday, April 3 will be:  Ms. Sarah, Mrs. Theriac and Mrs. Corn’s Class

Thursday, April 4 will be:  Ms. April, Ms. Lori and Mr. R’s classes

School Play Ticket Sales start tomorrow Tuesday, April 2, 2019:

·         Yes, a line does start forming outside the building well before 7:00 AM. But, we do not run out of seats.

·         Seats must be bought in advance. It is reserved seating a on a “first come, first serve” basis.  The cost is $6 on the lower level and $10 for the balcony.

·         We will have a chart of where your child will be standing on the stage to help you choose the seat that is right for your family.

·         Tickets may only be purchased for your family members (and your guests). If you are buying for another Montessori family, you will need to complete your purchase and then get back in line to complete the second purchase for another family.

·         If a child cannot sit comfortably on your lap for two hours, they will need their own seat/ticket. The play is geared for elementary age children and up.

·         We do not recommend bringing infants or toddlers due to the confines of the seating, the difficulty getting in/out and the length of the program. We record the program for later DVD sales.  Crying children are difficult to record over.

·         If you need wheelchair access, please let Diane, Kristi or Audrey know before Tuesday, April 3rd.

School Play – Attached is play information which we hope will answer most of your questions. You may want to print it off as a handy reference as we get closer to the play.

Play CD’s – To help your child learn their song for the upcoming play, all of the music for the school play, Future Tours, has been recorded and available for purchase at the front desk.  The cost is $10.

Everyone in the school typically participates in the play.  If your family will not be here due to family or other obligations, please let your teacher know now.  Costume, dance assignments, etc. are planned with each student participating.  Knowing ahead of time allows us to make adjustments since plans for the play have now started.

Dress Rehearsal for the play will be Thursday, April 18th.  Parents will be picking up at 6:00 PM.  This is the only practice we will have at the theater, please reschedule other activities that may fall on that day.

 Calendar Reminders: 

Thursday, April 18 – Dress Rehearsal—We bus the children to The Victory Theatre—pickup at 6:00

 PM from inside the theater.

Friday, April 19 – School Play at The Victory Theatre.  Children arrive between 6:15 and 6:30 PM

       inside the theater.

Monday, April 22 – School Closed, daycare only.

Wednesday, April 24 – Tuesday, April 30 – Kindergarten standardized testing.  Please reschedule any appointments taking place in the morning during this time period.

Tuesday, April 30 – Tuesday, May 14 – First through third grade standardized testing.

Friday, May 24th – Last day of the school year.

Preprimary Dismissal will be at 11:45 for students normally picked up at 11:45 and 2:45/3:00.

Mr. R’s class dismisses at 12:15. 

If your program includes All Day, and/or PM care we will have daycare through 5:30.

Memorial Day Week:  Montessori will totally closed.

Montessori Summer Program  registration forms will go home next Monday, April 8th 

Summer Program:  Session One – June 3 through June 28    Session Two – July 1 through July 26